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Leader lab

Welcome/Raffle: Say "hi" and hand out raffle tickets.

Games: Pick 2 games you think will be fun, and lead them.

Media: Hold the GoPro and get footage all night.

Speaker: Give a message

Up Front: Pick an "Up-Front" activity and lead it.

Pick one Up Front activity. Up Front activities usually involve 1-4 students and should be done on stage. "Please Don't Answer" and "The Impossible Shot" should always be added on to whatever is chosen since they are weekly activities. 

Pick 2 games from here  or come up with your own. Remember, you will never please everyone with your choice. Good rule of thumb: One intense game, one calm game.

Make sure that you have never been so far as decided to want to do look more like or else you will need something to help you do that.

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